Popular L.A. radio and television personality Richard Blade gave a speech about the band's legacy. He hasn't had much opportunity . Oingo Boingo doesnt have a huge catalog of accolades to showcase for its musical excellence. It was another surrealist artist, director Tim Burton, who first talked Elfman into writing a complete movie score. However, he doesnt seem ready to trade his solitude with having friends over, asking them to come and get out of his place since it is private. Boi-Ngo. Like, with the Simpsons theme doing directly into Boingos early 80s signature song Only a Lad was Bart meant to be the murderous lad in question, in the concerts unspoken sequence of events? The band appeared on a number of movie soundtracks in the early to mid-1980s, including an appearance in the movie Back to School in 1986, performing their hit single "Dead Man's Party". SP-4863; Vinyl LP). Report abuse. These days, it reads like a lost . Elfman isnt really playing the role of a demon. Oingo Boingo is a band you either adore with frenzied joy or one you don't care about at all and maybe even deride people for touting. Here we present the ten best Oingo Boingo songs of all time. It was one of these shows, in 1995, that marked the bands final concert together. " DE: In Oingo Boingo days, things were a little simpler to grasp where I was coming from. Oingo Boingo (/ o b o /) was an American new wave band formed by songwriter Danny Elfman in 1979. After a touring hiatus in 1992, while Elfman focused on film scores, the band re-emerged with a wholly new and heavier alternative rock sound, as well as new material, such as "Helpless" and "Did It There." Being on stage, I was getting used to in-ear . In 2003, former keyboardist Richard Gibbs scored the Battlestar Galactica miniseries with composer Bear McCreary. This 8-PIECE BAND has been fashioned after the ORIGINAL OINGO BOINGO LINE-UP, featuring a THREE-PIECE HORN SECTION, GUITAR, BASS, KEYS, DRUMS and a front-man so convincing that . NOT a tribute band! The soundtrack to the movie Bachelor Party included a theme song written by Elfman, and a song unreleased on any Oingo Boingo album: "Something Isn't Right". Music video by Oingo Boingo performing "Just Another Day", from their 1985 album "Dead Man's Party". The album was a success, peaking at number one hundred and seventy-two on the Billboard 200. Was: $16.99. Helpful. 14 hit on US Modern Rock radio stations. Boingowas a success on the charts, peaking at number seventy-one on the Billboard 200. Elfman would go on to write the scores to almost all of Tim Burton's films. Since those last shows in the fall of 1995, Danny Elfman has consistently dismissed the idea of the band reunited, citing his hearing loss again, as well as the fact that reunions of other bands have left a bad taste in his mouth. After signing a recording deal with MCA Records, Oingo Boingo rose to new levels with the commercially successful fifth studio album,Dead Mans Party. The facsimile was not exact: this was the extended-remix Simpsons theme, with an unexpected bit of climactic guitar shredding from Elfman and fellow guitarists Nili Brosh and Wes Borland lined up as a trio at the front of the stage. Weird Science also graced the Australian Singles Chart, peaking at number thirty-nine. Although the band's sound was termed as new wave, Oingo Boingo's use of exotic percussion, a three-piece horn section, unconventional scales and harmony, and surreal imagery was a genre-skewing combination. He told Inverse: Theres not going to be an Oingo Boingo reunion. In 1982, Oingo Boingo released its sophomore studio album,Nothing to Fear. Oingo Boingo. The album managed to rise to a peak position of number seventy-two on the Billboard 200. Oingo Boingo returned in July 1983 with its third studio album,Good for Your Soul. "There's nothing wrong with Capitalism / There's . Lately, though, Elfman is looking back. On Halloween 2015, Elfman and his Oingo Boingo bandmate Steve Bartek brought together an orchestra and some of the original cast of A Nightmare Before Christmas to do a full performance of Elfman's score. Like most of the songs on the album, When the Lights Go Out feels quite rhythmic with Danny giving us a taste of his amazing vocal delivery. When the Lights Go Out was featured on the bands second compilation of the bands greatest hits. No one traversing these rarely overlapping worlds has gotten to dress up for life like its Halloween quite this extensively. 13 Comments; 0 Tags; Johnny was bad, even as a child everybody could tell, Everyone said, . The album was issued through Giant Records, marking the last LP by Oingo Boingo. Danny Elfmans vocal range on this hit is just mind-blowing! Despite being among the bands initial releases, Only a Lad showcased Dannys handy songwriting skills. Back in the day of Oingo Boingo, hed frequently adopt a demonic grin that you could easily imagine having become a belated inspiration for the horror movie hit. Oingo Boingo was an American new wave band formed by songwriter Danny Elfman in 1979. Oingo Boingo were honored with a resolution at Los Angeles City Hall in April 2016. The song was penned by the bands lead vocalist Danny Elfman, who was inspired by a newspaper article he read. Learn more. While some fans might say that this greatest-hits set lacks the fervency caused by a live audience, the band's . Boi-Ngo, issued in 1987, marked the bands sixth studio album. If you were fortunate back in the day to catch Boingo live, you left A exhausted, B soaking wet from your own sweat and C you couldn't wait to go to Tower Records or Music Plus to go buy their latest album. The song aired frequently in Los Angeles on KROQ-FM, and complemented the station's then-unusual new wave format. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. There was Burton-ianness aplenty at the Bowl, with the childlike lunacy of Pee-Wees Big Adventure, the comic menace of Beetlejuice, the portent of Batman, the ridiculous glee of Mars Attacks and the phantasmagorical sweetness of Edward Scissorhands and Alice in Wonderland all represented in excerpts that ranged from way-too-short to just a little too short. Elfman used the 1984 hiatus as an opportunity to release a solo album, co-produced with Steve Bartek, with the remaining members of Oingo Boingo returning as session musicians. The album was purely new wave, featuring reputable musical gems like Private Life, Grey Matter, and Nothing to Fear.Nothing to Fearwent on to sell over a hundred and twenty-five thousand copies in the US. Only a Lad was one of the only numbers, if not the only one, performed completely sans strings (or at least it seemed so; it wasnt always eager to tell what exactly was transpiring on stage when Elfman sometimes kept the lights low to train the audiences attention on the screen visuals). Music Department: Back to School. Probably not, because the guy who once sang Nothing to Fear (But Fear Itself) (and sang it again this weekend) really isnt a fearsome presence, despite his spooky toothiness and all that overhead imagery full of moderately disturbing viscera and deteriorating flesh. [7], Only a Lad was highly praised upon release, though its success was limited to the band's Southern California region. The album and the concerts also feature two former band members, Bartek and guitarist Warren Fitzgerald. Various reasons were given for the restart as a rock band, notably Danny's emerging musical interests, and reducing the need for transportation and set-up of multiple stage sets and props. 2023 Variety Media, LLC. This eight-piece LA outfit (with a three-man horn section) started out trying to be a West Coast answer to XTC and Devo, but suffered from a surplus of studied wackiness/quirkiness and managed to hide solid cleverness behind overproduction and hamminess. This final tour saw the return of the horn trio and the group was renamed back to 'Oingo Boingo'. In 1984, bassist Kerry Hatch and keyboardist Richard Gibbs departed to form the short-lived band Zuma II and Oingo Boingo went on temporary hiatus, although this was not known publicly at the time. It almost felt like Christmas, with or without the boxed-up snakes. During this era, Danny Elfman also began scoring major films, beginning with 1985's Pee-wee's Big Adventure. "Anti-woke" conservative dating app The Right Stuff has almost immediately struggled to get off the ground. At times, it seemed as if he were making a joke with some of the juxtapositions. I think this song is the real . I was so proud to have the 4 track EP from Oingo Boingo, put that music on and just discover these great songs like "Only a Lad" and "Little Girls", and realize that this band was really a representation of what Los Angeles is. So it didn't necessarily reflect me". The earliest version of the band employed as many as 15 performers at any given time, playing over 30 instruments, including some instruments built by band members. Album Cover Photos are affiliate links and the property of Amazon and are stored on the Amazon server. And so did anyone who wanted to hear a substantial amount of his film music, although theres been at least a little opportunity for that in the past, with the all-orchestral Elfman/Burton shows (officially known as Danny Elfmans Music From the Films of Tim Burton) that he took part in starting in 2014. Releases. Elfman followed the release with a couple of performances at Coachella earlier this year that included songs from the album, a selection of pieces from movie soundtracks hed done, and, to the joy of fans everywhere, quite a few Oingo Boingo songs. The Best Of Oingo Boingo: Skeletons In The Closet, Farewell: Live from the Universal Amphitheatre, Halloween 1995, The Best of Oingo Boingo: Skeletons in the Closet, The Best Of Oingo Boingo: The Millennium Collection, http://www.bluntinstrument.org.uk/elfman/archive/SFChronicle94.htm, https://www.flickr.com/photos/zombdog/6409356299/in/photostream/. A lot has changed since Danny Elfman released his last solo album way back in 1984. That ends up being the fate for most projects as . Dark At The End Of The Tunnel. Oingo Boingo continued to regularly perform live, most notably with annual Halloween concerts at Irvine Meadows and the Universal Amphitheatre. But being in a rush remained his m.o., and a rush it was to hear his classic Bernard Herrmann homages get pushed up directly against and into selections of new material that at times leans toward hyper-metal-with-strings. Orchestras are simply not that loud. The success of the album saw Oingo Boingo tour as an opening act with Fear andThe Police. Its almost impossible to explain all that happens in their performance, butspoiler alert: they won. Feature Photo: : Tinseltown / Shutterstock.com. Coming in at number eight on our top ten best Oingo Boingo songs list is the striking hit We Close Our Eye. The song is among the most sought-after hits by Oingo Boingo featured on the bands sixth studio album,Boi-Ngo. Boingo is a young Stand User who wields the prophesizing comic book Stand, Tohth. Years of KROQ exposure on the original, horn-filled version had rendered any sting moot, but from this occasion it was turned into a more frantic, less coy punk-rock number. The first time Oingo Boingo got any mainstream attention was, incredibly, on the The Gong Show in 1976. Release Calendar Top 250 Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Movie News India Movie Spotlight. Oingo Boingo. Composition Music. The band members are later seen staring complacently in shop windows and drinking tea while Elfman's character walks down a street with an apparently underage girl. "[12] It is featured in the 2005 film Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room. Related Article: Video: Richard Elfman Releasing FORBIDDEN ZONE Directors Cut! It all has to do with Elfmans hearing. Menu. The song also made it to the Canadian Singles Chart, peaking at position eighty-one. [9] Trouser Press writer Ira A. Robbins panned the album, stating that it featured "contrived bits swiped from the Tubes, XTC and Devo to diminish the impact of reasonably clever lyrics and thoroughly competent music." Starting as a surrealist musical theater troupe known as the "Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo," the band would later evolve into a rock band with a mix of ska, punk, and new wave. If youre looking for any meaning in that madmans expression, it has less to do with him being a doer of sinister deeds than the look of a guy whos been driven deranged by what he sees and writes about as an ongoing social dystopian on the path to certain death. Their highest charting song, "Weird Science", reached No. They recorded one album, New Hat, which included a cover of the Oingo Boingo song "Try to Believe", as well as original songs and covers of songs by Frank Zappa and other artists. $3.99 shipping. Since the 2005 Halloween season, former drummer Johnny "Vatos" Hernandez has regularly put together an Oingo Boingo tribute band for performances at different venues, mainly throughout Southern California and Arizona, including the Grove of Anaheim. Private Life finds the singer crooning from the perspective of a loner. Only a Ladalso featured the bands cover of the 1964 hit You Really Got Me byThe Kinks. 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Just Another Day is among the top musical gems featured on this Gold-certified album. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 1980 Vinyl release of "Oingo Boingo" on Discogs. We Close Our Eyes is featured in the last scene of the final episode of the detective comedy TV seriesPsych. Formed in the late 70s, Oingo Boingo has its legacy majorly credited to the musicianship of its founder singer/multi-instrumentalist Danny Elfman. Not withstanding this announcement, on Halloween 2015, Danny Elfman, along with two of the other original voices from the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas, Catherine O'Hara and Ken Page, performed at the Hollywood Bowl, singing all of the songs from the movie with a complete orchestra, while the film played in its entirety. His Stand is Khnum, which allows him to . Soundtrack: Donnie Darko. The song serves as the album title track to the bands debut studio album. In 1990, the band released their seventh studio album, Dark at the End of the Tunnel, featuring more mellow songs than any previous release, and including the singles "Out of Control" and "Flesh 'N Blood". Let us know in the comments below or onFacebook,Twitter, orInstagram! Now that they were seeing one of Hollywoods busiest and seemingly friendliest composers reborn as a maniac were any of them scared of him now, just a little? Boingo, issued in 1994, marked the bands eighth studio album. Even though sales figures were never huge and their biggest hit, "Weird Science . Video: Richard Elfman Releasing FORBIDDEN ZONE Directors Cut. The result was the music for Burtons breakout film, Pee-wees Big Adventure starring Paul Ruebens as his iconic Pee-wee Herman character. Dead Mans Party features magnificent horn sections that remind us of songs like Running On a Treadmill. The song also features an awe-inspiring bassline and transcendent guitar riffs. Richard Elfman originally conceived his 1982 cult hit as a kind of expanded convert film for Oingo Boingo, the New Wave band fronted by his brother Danny Elfman. In 76, they appeared on the legendary Gong Show and if youve never seen it, I urge you to seek it out. @Oingo_Boingo. The sessions stalled when Elfman became heavily involved writing the music for animated musical The Nightmare Before Christmas with Tim Burton. And so, as he frequently appeared in closeup on the Bowls big screens although not as often as you might expect, given how extensive the shows sorta-scary visual companion pieces were there was a good chance you found yourself hoping for edits long enough to study a full torsos worth of tats, many of which were in the macabre vein he visually favors, along with wait, was that a lovely collie tattooed on his left pec? Instead, it was recorded without an audience at the Power Plant Rehearsal Studio in North Hollywood, Calif. Oingo Boingo. Only a Lad, an Album by Oingo Boingo. What do you think of Love in the Time of Covid? Being on stage, I was getting used to in-ear monitors. Back in the day of Oingo Boingo, he'd frequently adopt a demonic grin that you could easily imagine having become a belated inspiration for the horror movie hit. The video, directed by Elfman's brother Richard Elfman, was purportedly banned in Canada. In 2005, John Avila, Johnny "Vatos" Hernandez, and Steve Bartek began contributing to the subsequent McCreary-scored Battlestar Galactica television series. The name Oingo Boingo was settled on in 1979, at which point their early song "I'm Afraid" appeared on the Rhino Records Los Angeles rock and new wave "up and coming" compilation, L.A. On Halloween night 1996, popular L.A. alt rockers Oingo Boingo, led by the often quirky Danny Elfman, rode off into the sunset with a gig at the Universal Amphitheatre, more than two decades after Recently, the shuffle on my computer's playlist scrounged up a track from one of my favorite bands, Oingo Boingo. While he is pleased by the autonomy that comes with his life in solitude, there exists angst deep within his soul since his material possessions can barely fill his emptiness. More recently, theyve been heard in TV shows like Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin and Stranger Things, among many others. But having this particular shows finale in sight wasnt, with two hours still not feeling quite a big enough pillbox after almost 50 years of music-making that involved a 25-year lull on the rock end. The song was penned by Danny Elfman with its lyrics alluding to attending a burial and getting buried. Despite a few lineup changes, Oingo Boingo retained its liveliness during onstage performances throughout its career. Richard Elfman founded the theatrical troupe The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo.In 1978 the remnants of the Mystic Knights formed together under lead singer Danny Elfman as the band Oingo Boingo. Oingo Boingo. The first release with the new line-up was Dead Man's Party in 1985. "Only a Lad" is a playable track in the 2007 PlayStation 2 video game Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s. Oingo Boingo Check out our oingo boingo shirt selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our graphic tees shops. 1981 . This is just the beginn. No one person, business, or organization is allowed to re-publish any of our original content anywhere on the web or in print without our permission. Oingo Boingo. In 2006, the National Review named "Capitalism" as one of the "50 greatest conservative rock songs. Dead Mans Party is the album title track to the bands most acclaimed fifth studio album. Oingo Boingo Song that satirizes criminal victimhood. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for BOINGO 2LP OINGO BOINGO SMOKEY COLORED VINYL SEALED 2023 NUMBERS 000298-517 at the best online prices at eBay! Wed Jul 26 8:15 PM . Virtually every conservative knows the bass line, which supplies the theme music for Limbaugh's radio show. It featured their highest-charting song on the Billboard Hot 100, "Weird Science", which was written for the John Hughes film of the same name. Only a Lad is the full-length debut album by American new wave band Oingo Boingo, released in 1981, following their self-titled EP. A lot of people hated us, and I kind of liked that. He also clarified that the name change had nothing to do with the departure of the horn section and that they "took the 'Oingo' with them". document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. [citation needed], Elfman claimed that many of the songs were inspired by newspaper articles he had read at the time and were "written as in-your-face facetious jabs". OINGO BOINGO tribute band Dead Man's Party has been bringing you Boingo tunes LIVE - the way you remember 'em from actual Oingo Boingo shows - for over a decade! While singer, chief songwriter and iconic frontman Danny Elfman grew to . The result was his first album of pop/rock music since Oingo Boingo broke up, called Big Mess. You can also carry on the convo with me personally on Twitter@josh_millican. The band Oingo Boingo, of which he was a member at the time, released the album Only a Lad in 1989. This was the bands last album issued through MCA Records. Boi-Ngowent on to peak at number seventy-seven on the Billboard 200, rising to number ninety-eight on the Australian Albums Chart. Oingo Boingo marked the start of its professional musical pursuits with the release of its eponymous debut EP in 1980. At the same time, the band signed onto the then-brand-new label Giant and began producing their final album Boingo, but sessions would repeatedly be halted by Elfman's work on "The Nightmare Before Christmas. Oingo Boingo is known for Donnie Darko (2001), Ghostbusters II (1989) and Weird Science (1985). The hyperkinetic ska-flavored New Wave band is characterized by their manic live performances and eclectic range of songs; Elfman and the band performed for a remarkable twenty years. His main point was that the current act, with its courser language and copious overhead intestinal animation, is not family-friendly. But, in fact, he did deliver three songs from that films song score early on Jacks Lament, This Is Halloween and Whats This? which is really about all the musical Nightmare anyone needs in one night, unless youre a hardcore Sally-head. Doug had released one solo album previously. Led by Elfman and his brother Richard, the ensemble formed in Los Angeles in early seventies, inspired by other surrealists in music, like Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart. These are some of their wildest goods, including "Insects," which make the band and the listener "want to dance," "Only a Lad . "[1] During this time, Elfman would state that he was becoming less interested and losing his passion for the band. It shows a group of people and couple at a diner until the arrival of Oingo Boingo creating a spectacular performance that captivates everybody. [26] In 2015, Elfman officially endorsed the group as the only authorized Oingo Boingo tribute band, and gave Hernandez exclusive rights to use the names 'Boingo' and 'Oingo Boingo'.[27]. This alternative rock outing features remarkable musical gems such as Insanity and Hey! The album also featured the bands cover of the 1967 hit I Am the Walrus byThe Beatles. The song Little Girls, from that album, has become something of an internet oddity, garnering more than 6 million views on YouTube. and @PinkNews. When asked about the possibility of an Oingo Boingo reunion, however, Elfman didnt mince words. Most horror fans know Danny Elfman as the composer of choice for filmmaker Tim Burtonand too many others to name. Daughter Actor Vivien Ng On The New Cult Horror Film, Every Frightening New Title Coming to Paramount+ in March, The Number One Horror Show on Netflix For The Month Is A great adaptation of a fantastic series, The Most-Viewed Horror Movie Trailer On YouTube This Week Has Fans All-In, Seeing Red: Enter To Win A Blu-Ray of Joe Begos Christmas Bloody Christmas, Subscribers Find The Latest Shocking Netflix True Crime Documentary Series Unbelievable, Danny Elfman Gives Behind-The-Scenes Look at His Latest Music Video Sorry. 281. Oingo Boingo. Steve Bartek and a brass trio of Dale Turner, Sam "Sluggo" Phipps, and Leon Schneiderman continued with the new band. [5] Their highest charting song, "Weird Science", reached No. But with this new technology, I think I can manage better because you have the ability to turn yourself down.. Yes, sure enough, a collie. [2], By 1994, the band had dropped the horn section and keyboardist Carl Graves while guitarist Warren Fitzgerald joined in. (That is, the ones who were not already on stage as part of his mini-orchestra and choir?) Oingo Boingo is a band that never got the recognition they deserved, but are not forgotten because they are so damn good. Oingo BoingoOnly A Lad 1981 UMG Recordings, Inc.Released on: 1981-06-19Producer: Pete SolleyProdu. Danny is followed by on-lookers as he makes bouts with underage ladies. On Halloween 2015, Elfman and his Oingo Boingo bandmate Steve Bartek brought together an orchestra and some of the original cast of A Nightmare Before Christmas to do a full performance of Elfmans score. No Spill Blood (Live) by OINGO BOINGO published on 2018 . At the time of release, Elfman described the song as being "about a character who has certain unacceptable inclinations"[3] and later commented, "Out here in Hollywood, you see so much of that; the older guy's in the car with some young girl who essentially asks no questions. Oddly, the song is conspicuously absent from both the video and audio versions of 1995's Farewell: Live from the Universal Amphitheater, though some reviews state the song did appear in the actual shows. When asked by Variety if he would still consider a reunion, Elfman said no, due to his hearing loss, and added that bands to him are like "zombies," and that band reunions "eat brains. Only a Lad features complex and frequently changing time signatures and keys, often incorporating harmonies borrowed from jazz and 20th-century classical music, all hallmarks of . You also ought to love the songwriting exhibited by Danny on this hit. He is a composer and actor, known for Back to School (1986), Planet of the Apes (2001) and Spider-Man (2002). The group lasted 17 years, growing in popularity through the 80s before drastically changing to a more harsh alternative rock . Bridget Fonda was recently spotted for the first time in 12 years after she decided to quit fame, but her husband Danny Elfman has remained firmly in the spotlight The album's musical arrangements, by vocalist Danny Elfman and guitarist Steve Bartek, completed the group's evolution into a new wave rock band (see Oingo Boingo - The Mystic Knights Years). $15.97 to $25.37. Oingo Boingo were known for their high energy live . 3. Their best-known songs include "Only a Lad", "Little Girls", "Dead Man's Party" and "Weird Science". 13. Dead Mans Party - Oingo Boingo and Danny Elfman Tribute Band More Info. [10], In 2006, Danny Elfman reflected that he "loved bad reviews, [] something's got to fuel us."[11]. This new track was also released as a single, and became a No. It was the first time in decades that Elfman had played anything by his original band. Elfman wasnt afraid to challenge the crowd with generous amounts of Big Mess, or challenging amounts, given that its not the audience-friendliest music hes ever made; its a big grower, as they say. Fortunately, maybe even more importantly, hes taken good care of his evil grin, too. Eric Kamau is a rock and roll journalist that specializes in all musical genres. [17], In 1994, the band consolidated their new musical style, and shortened its name to Boingo. Shortly afterward, the group decided to retire with a Farewell tour ending on Halloween 1995. If you don't mind, I'd like to try to get you to be the . "Only a Lad Oingo Boingo Songs, Reviews, Credits, Awards AllMusic", "Danny Elfman on Oingo Boingo, film scores, and the Beatles almost ruining Batman", http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-W2TjcIoRCxA/TWK8TPnlChI/AAAAAAAAH5Q/vjW1s4-rYJg/s1600/BoyScoutBook01.jpg, "Eight more tracks from Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s", "It's a Dead Man's Party: Rubellan Plans CD, Vinyl Reissues for Oingo Boingo", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Only_a_Lad&oldid=1120151346, Steve Bartek horn arrangements and charts, This page was last edited on 5 November 2022, at 12:36. Greg Fitzsimmons, with Daniel Betts and special guests, 6:30 and 9:30 p.m. Saturday, June 11 at The Well, 7401 White Lane, Suite 7; $25, tickets sold at eventbrite.com until 4 p.m. on day of show . Only a Lad tells the story of Johnny, a young felon who gets away with his evil actions since society believes he doesnt know how to act better. The band retired after a farewell concert on Halloween 1995, for which they reverted to the name Oingo Boingo and readopted the horn section. The previously-shelved album was completed with the new 5-piece line-up, including orchestral instrumentation, and several songs improvised in the studio for the first time in the band's history. clarence thomas son jamal adeen,