The Z48F still gets good reviews. Offering a vast portfolio of innovative, new technologies and all-electric mowing equipment that increases productivity, lowers maintenance costs and gain efficiencies. The Toro Titan uses the Kawasaki 708cc engine and an 18.9-liter fuel tank for use over 5 acres or more. Reactivate now All Rights Reserved. You can rely on it. Finally, what warranty cover and aftersales support in case of product failure. Our goal is to provide a professional experience for every sale. With 4 years warranty cover, the MZ61 just edges it over the Toro Titan. Save up to $750 off Select Zero Turn Mowers and get a 60V Max Leaf Blower or String Trimmer when you finance any new Titan, Titan Max or Timecutter Mower using your Toro card. Scott. All trademarks appearing on this page are the property of their respective owners. Fabricated Deck 679 cc V-Twin Zero Turn Mower Model# ULTIMA ZT1-46. No common issues with electrics or mechanical parts. Find the product you are looking for related to Fashion. Simple. Cannot ship to the following states: AK, HI, This item does not meet CARB requirements and cannot be shipped to California. BobCat CRZ I dont see them mentioned often but they have a superb home owner ZTR in my opinion, Hi Ray, Bob-Cat is now owned by Bobcat. Wondering if its worth the upgrade or not for my lawn. Compared to a 2018 Husqvarna Z242f with 21.5 hp Kawasaki engine. Won't start. Carburetor Assembly. Find the product you are looking for related to Health & Care. Consumer Reports* consistently gives this mower the best rating for cut-quality, bagging, and mulching for the mowers they test. Cub Cadet Hauler | There are cheap yard carts, good carts and just plain junk. Huge 6-inch spindles can take all the abuse and last much longer than the 4-inch spindles others use. Ive had too many dealers state getting parts is a pain in the butt. Toll-Free (877) 204-6873 Phone (615) 641-7720 Fax (615) 641-7559 Hours Monday-Friday: 8:00 am -. Lets the tractor's driver maintain a constant speed without using the foot pedal. Whenever you drive the 75742 over a soft surface, the amount of cutting will drastically reduce. 107 cm. If you want to recommend a product, you can, Each product has advantages and disadvantages, write down the pros and cons about the product you choose. All product reviews and recommendations are made independently by our editorial team and our panel of experts. Nobody can answer this question in a word. To name a few pro commercial contractor features, pinpoint precision cuts and zero-turn mowing are two that put Toro's cutting-edge technology and world-class craftsmanship in the hands of homeowners. Fabricated cutting decks are welded constructed decks that offer more rigidity and strength when compared to a stamped deck. Creature Comforts - An under-seat storage cubby, front step-through and cup holders level-up your mowing experience. Toro Toro 42" (107 cm) TimeCutter Zero Turn Mower 75740 $3,399.99 USD $3,199.99 USD Sale Shipping calculated at checkout. Categorized by the drive system (engine and transmission), which controls a tractor's direction and ground speed. Scott, Hi Scott, My favorite mower this year for 1.5 acres is the 50 inch Toro Timecutter Model# 75750. Are they made in the US? A lot of owners complain about the cut quality of the 42 and 54-inch fabricated decks. You are using an out of date browser. Model 75742 W Is The Same As 75742 - Different Crates; California residents see Prop 65 WARNINGS. 1. The United States is the warehouse of Ferris mowers. Im looking at a Big Dog Alpha 42 with 18hp Kawasaki engine. Toro 42 in. While using the mower, we saw the maximum cutting is 107cm, just like the manufacturer claims. Find the product you are looking for related to Pet Supplies. Because this whopping speed reduces your mowing time a lot. On the contrary, the engine in the 75742 is around 708cc. Pick Your Pace - Take control over your mowing speed, while never sacrificing blade tip speed with Smart Speed Technology. PREV. Let our dealers find it for you! Consumer Reports. This mower will give you a golf-course quality lawn all your neighbors will be jealous. I also like the three-speed lever on the Toro. It works pretty well in gardens full of objects. Thanks again for all your advice! We respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously, I sent out a questionnaire to the major manufactures and, Why 54-72 Inch Deck Residential Zero Turn Mower May Be, From Green Industry Pros Briggs Enters EFI Market with Strong, I would like to buy a pressure washer. In my opinion, your property probably does not justify one over the other. his price is only 2700 which seems like a steal. Received it a few weeks later from my local toro dealer. If your lawn is even slightly rough its worth the extra money. Hydraulic or electric boost to reduce force required to turn the steering wheel. The Edge appears to have a little more overhang with the 42, but I feel like you get a large increase in mower for a couple hundred with the Ikon. Whilst their mid-range models use the Kohler engine, and the entry-level zero-turn mowers feature their own Toro engine manufactured in China. Please Subscribe to my YouTube Channel Please Note:If you click on most of the links in this article and buy any product I will make a small commission from that sale. The mower is equipped with a 452cc engine, and it works pretty fast. CompareClick is reader-supported, When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Furthermore, the things will be easier to take as well. You dont have to worry about fuel issues and it will run on E15 fuels. Im trying to keep my budget at a max of $3000 and there are just so many choices at that price point. Best budget zero-turn on the market. Trying to decide between Toro 75742 and CC XT1 46. (Personally, for the amount of land you want to mow and the fact that the field will be fairly rough I suggest you spend the extra money and go with the Gravely HD or Ariens APEX. If your lawn is thick or you mow bent grasses I suggest you move up to a model with a V-twin. This mower has the power and mobility to tackle even the most difficult jobs in a jiffy. Its built to last with a strong frame, large wheels, and a great cutting fabricated deck. All Rights Reserved. Furthermore, the mowing times are swift as well. You can be sure of it. Get a beautiful, professional-looking lawn. If you have any physical disabilities and still want to mow your lawn this is the first mower you should consider. Step-Through Front End - Getting on and off the mower to pick up yard debris and other obstacles is a breeze with a step-through front end. Blower Housing Assembly. Side discharging The next evolution in material handling, powered by HyperCell, is optimized to delivery up to eight-hours runtime. Its also the only 42-inch ZTR with a front-mounted deck. Toro 75742 With Smart Speed Toro 42 in. I have the 52 inch and I really like the fact that Ariens put all the overhang on the left, closed side of the deck. Find the product you are looking for related to Electronics. Any thoughts on them? It is really the only concern I have with the model, and havent been able to find much info about it. 42 in. Toro Titan Time Cutter 50 Power: gas 23HP Engine: Kawasaki V-Twin Max Speed: 7mph Fuel Capacity: 3 gallon Cutting Deck: Fabricated Max Cutting Width: 50 inch Max Cutting Height: 4.5 inch Transmission: Hydrostatic Terrain: Flat, Obstacles Acreage: 2-4 Warranty: 3-Years (unlimited hour, residential) Roll Bar: No Cub Cadet Ultima ZT1 50 Find the product you are looking for related to Arts & Crafts. You can move a three-position lever that allows you to run the ground speed of the mower slower for trimming or slower for pulling loads that will tear up the transmissions on other zero-turns. The Z400 and Z500 series are a new design and appear to be fine. It cuts very well and gets good reviews. The warranty requires the owner to register their warranty and fulfill their obligation on servicing and maintenance. 22.5 hp** Toro Commercial V-Twin 708cc. 2023 Inside The Yard- All Rights Reserved. Available on all but two models, they feature a 10-gauge high strength fabricated steel deck shell with a reinforced leading-edge across the entire deck. It is around 708cc. The larger frame and wider tires account for this. The Kohler also has a great reputation. Brake Assembly. They range from 3-4 years or 500-700 hours (whichever comes first). I agree with the other posts. Reliability and long life are essential requirements when you are investing in premium machinery. 42-inch Electric Zero Turn Mowers Ryobi, EGO, or Cub Cadet? It will be published when it is approved by a moderator. Top flat speed of 8.5 mph. Pinpoint-quality cuts and zero-turn mowing are just two. Read more here: How to Support, 2022 The Best Residential Zero Turn Mowers, 2022 Cub Cadet Lawn Tractors and Garden Tractors The Best Selection, Going green The Best Electric Riding Mowers, Lawn Tractors and ZTRs, Toro Introduces New 2020 TimeCutter Zero-Turn Mowers, About Paul Sikkema 679 cc Fuel Injected (EFI) V-Twin ZeroTurn Riding Mower with Steering Wheel Control Model# RZT-SX 42 EFI. Please stick to the relevant topics here, we will not tolerate posts advocating political or religious views or goals, No SPAM, no commercial advertising, no referral programs of any kind, No trolling - deliberately antagonizing other brand/model users, Read before you post. Furthermore, there is a unique air filtering system that can self-clean itself. 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I have watched a number of videos on these in the last month, and it seems good enough, and its near the price range for a similar-sized gas ZT. The Ariens Edge is their economical line. The Gravely ZT X 52 and IKON XD 52 are the same mower as far as I can tell. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Unlock for unbiased ratings and reviews for products and services you use everyday. Also, its easy to replace the parts. Tractors with hydrostatic transmissions have infinitely variable forward speeds controlled by the operator. they are new but from 2016 manufacture date. For your convenience, there are more than 3,000 Toro service centers throughout the United States and Canada. Fuel Capacity. Toro's commercial mowers come with a three-year, 300-hour guarantee on the engines. It takes less than a minute. Toro 75740 comes with intelligent speed technology. All Rights Reserved. Easier to handle than ever thanks to Toro's Smart Speed Technology, which allows you to have total control over your mowing speed, while never sacrificing blade tip speed. Is that the only difference between them? Starting issue is the most common one youll face in the long run. Husqvarna Vs Toro Zero Turn Mower | Which Is Best? You can also close the survey directly with (x) button on the top left of this page without visiting Amazon. In addition, this ZTR has one of the few riding mower EFI engines available. So, lets start the comparison to find which is best Husqvarna vs Toro zero turn mowers. Add to Cart. Commercial DNA courses through these machines' veins with the same technology professionals depend on. 75742 (4225) - Toro 42" TimeCutter Zero-Turn Mower (SN: 400000000 - 407699999) > Parts Diagrams (25) 42 Inch Deck Assembly. With proper examination and research, we compared the toro 75740 vs 75742. This mower features the exclusive Toro MyRide Suspension platform. Summer is just too short to spend it outside sweating over lawn work. As it has a twin-engine, it can be really efficient in larger gardens. Husqvarna Lawn Garden Tractors | 11 New Improved Models! I dont see any mention about a Craftsman zero turn mowers. Done. Find Your Local Dealer: Ariens Dealer Locator. Lawn mowers and tractors test program at which coast of florida gets more hurricanes,